There’s no doubt having an astonishing, beautiful website is good for your branding, perception and level of professionalism for your business. Potential clients and your target audience are not going to take the value you provide them seriously if your website looks like it was built in 1998. What’s the good in having a Bugatti Veyron if it doesn’t run. Gorgeous yes, useful no.

This is although, only one piece of the puzzle. Successful websites need four major qualities in order to deliver. Aesthetics, responsiveness, engagement and speed are the four main pillars that are mandatory for every profitable website.

Today we are going to talk about speed, as it is probably the most overlooked aspect of website creation.

How fast your website loads affects more variables than you know. Most people know that if your website is not loading, on a mobile device, within 3 seconds, you are losing a huge portion of your traffic, which means less eyes on your business’ website, which means fewer leads, which means reduced sales, which ends in lower revenue.

The first major facet that is affected by your website not loading quick enough is your search rankings. Google and search engines will actually rank you lower than your competitors for not having a fast enough website. Shaving even one second off your page load time can contribute to a 11% increase in page views. That’s huge.

The second major factor slow loadings time affect is your conversion rate. A one second delay means a 7% reduction in actual conversions. To put that into perspective, if an ecommerce store is making $1,000 a day, you are potentially losing over $25,000 per year from that one extra second of loading time.

Finally, you are killing your over-all user experience by having a not-so-fast website. The attention span in today’s day in age is beyond minuscule. Believe it or not, people actually attribute how fast your website is to how they perceive your business. The psychology behind it is the same as most things in life, faster equals superior quality, reliable or top notch.

So, now that you’ve been educated on the importance of maintaining a fast website, how does yours stack up?

You can test it yourself with Google’s very own website speed test, PageSpeed Insights.

Simply enter your website URL into the box and you will get a clear picture of how Google is analyzing and ranking your website performance. If your website is scoring poorly, you’re losing business. Period.

If your website is scoring poorly, you’re losing business. Period.

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